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Target To Launch New Children's Clothing Line Noah & Gabi


(July 30th, 2016 - Orlando, FL) - The mega chain Target is set to launch the new kids line Noah & Gabi at retail stores across the country. This is part of a new effort to incorporate more indie brands into the popular chain store.

Noah & Gabi is a kids boutique that offers trendy clothes at affordable prices. They are based in Orlando and managed by owner Desiree Amaro and her family. This deal is set to launch the company nationwide.

"It's a dream come true", says owner Desiree Amaro. "At Noah and Gabi, we believe that great style shouldn't carry a high price tag. Great style can be universal and should be affordable. Target has made that possible for everyone."

At Noah & Gabi, you will find children's clothes that are heavily influenced by the music industry. From The Beatles to Nirvana to anything in between. You are sure to find any concert tee possible from newborn sizes to size 12 kids. Besides the cool tees, Noah & Gabi offer a wide range of accessories that include sunglasses, hats and bow ties.

Besides the casual attire, you can also find button down shirts, dressy pants and suspenders that would make any rock star jealous. If your kid has an event or is simply going to class, Noah & Gabi is sure to have the right outfit for the occasion.

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About Noah & Gabi:

Noah & Gabi is an Orlando based kids boutique where you can find trendy clothing at affordable prices.

Contact Information:

  • Media Contact: Desiree Amaro
  • Company Name: Noah & Gabi, Trendy Kids Boutique

  • Contact Number: 407-429-0000
  • Email: kidsrock@noah&
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